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Hey! We are excited that you decided to stop by to get to know me + the team a little bit. In our shop, you will find luxurious quality products to affordable prices. After hundreds of hours of work learning how this industry really works on a deep level, we can now proudly offer you the best and the most sought after jewelry. There are too many stores and brands that offer a wide range of products, but with bad quality and with no sense of luxury to them. We, on the other hand, believed in the opportunity to make good quality without excluding a good price. Will we be the cheapest brand on the market? No. Why? Because we don’t want to stumble on quality, work with bad suppliers or risk to damage your skin with poor metal. We want you to feel that the jewelry you wear is an extension of yourself and of your personality. We understand that you need to spend money on rent, family or the date you promised your partner. Therefore we offer you great products without making it cost a fortune.


But hey, who are we to judge them money-spenders? Everyone is welcome! If you’re feeling yourself a little bit and are looking for the most unique and exclusive pieces then please enter our category called "The Vault" where they are listed. We are very proud of The Vault since there is jewelry in there that you will find nowhere else for that price. Because of that, the supply is more limited but we are constantly working on replenishing of jewelry to The Vault. Please let us know if there is a certain piece you would like to see in there at

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Welcome, we are truly honored that you stopped by! Now let’s get some shopping done, shall we?


Founder, Robin D + the whole team at JUL-ERY