christian coin necklace
christian coin necklace
man holding a gold necklace

Mr Benedict Coin Necklace - Gold

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“Listen and attend with the ear of your heart” – St Benedict

Our St Benedict Coin Necklace comes with a 45cm or 60cm water-wave chain (pendant and chain) and a 2.7cm*2.3cm pendant.

The material is made of steel and is painted with a thick gold color.


Saint Benedict made someone named Maurus walk on water to save someone named Placidus from drowning. We don't know what's more of a miracle - walking on water or doing so while saving someone underwater. Either how, The St Benedict Coin Necklace is a masterpiece but we suggest that you keep it away from salty water. Ironic huh? 


  • Material – Steel
  • Name - Mr Benedict Coin Necklace
  • Type - Unisex Coin Necklace
  • Color – Gold
  • Pendant Size - 2.7cm*2.3cm
  • Chain Length – 45cm or 60cm
  • Chain Type Water-wave Chain
  • Gender - Unisex


- St Benedict Coin Necklace comes with a pendant and chain and is great for layering with other necklaces – Check out our unisex necklaceswomen's necklaces, and men's necklaces.

- You can also complement your necklace with some of our rings for men and/or women. Be creative!

This piece is more than eye-catching, it’s timeless – get yours now!

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