14k gold dollar sign necklace

Mini Dollar Sign Necklace - Gold

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Someone asked me – “what’s your sign”, I said – dollar… “

Our Mini Dollar Sign Necklace comes with a 46cm snake chain (Pendant and chain) - Pendant size is 15mm*10mm

The material is made of the highest Zink Alloy and plated with 14k gold.


The dollar sign comes from a handwritten 'ps', an abbreviation for 'peso' in old Spanish-American books. The $ symbol did first occur in the 1770s, in manuscript documents of English-Americans who had business dealings with Spanish-Americans. The word 'dollar' itself derives from the Low German word daler, short for Joachimstaler, referring to a coin from the silver mines of Joachimstal, in Czech Republic.

Nowadays the dollar sign is one of the world's most recognized symbols, and this $ pendant right here just took a quick dip in some 14k gold!!


  • Material - 14K gold plated Zinc Alloy
  • Name - Mini Dollar Sign Necklace
  • Type - Men's Pendant Necklace
  • Color - Gold
  • Pendant Size - 15mm*10mm
  • Chain Length - 46cm
  • Chain Type - Snake Chain
  • Gender - Unisex


- The Mini Dollar Sign comes with a pendant and chain and is great for layering with other necklaces – Check out our unisex necklaceswomen's necklaces, and men's necklaces.

- You can also complement your necklace with some of our rings for men and/or women. Be creative!

This piece is more than eye-catching, it’s timeless – get yours now!

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